Awards and Reviews

The revised "From Here to There" comes in first place
At KublaCon 2013's Game Design Contest, my revised version of "From Here to There" comes in first! Looks like the fifth time's a charm!

"From Here to There" comes in second place
At KublaCon 2012's Game Design Contest, "From Here to There" comes in second! Okay, so I am feeling a little bit of a "always a bride's maid, never a bride" right now, but second place is solid. So, Yeah Me!

With 21 ratings Phantasy Realm is getting a wonderful 7.3out of 10! Here are some of my favorite bits from the comments:

"It's a sort of Talisman, with some more meat."
"Great fantasy RPG-esque 'dungeon crawl' (though above ground) in the tradition of Talisman, Mystic Wood, and Runebound."

In addition, there are two new reviews up. They are both great. The more comprehensive is here, and the fine secondary review is here.

Phantasy Realm comes in second at the KublaCon 2003 Game Design Contest!
Why, oh, why do I keep losing to sharp little card games!?! Well, for the second year running I have a game placing 2nd - and that ain't so bad. Especially considering there many, many submissions each year!

Mad Scientists comes in second place
At KublaCon 2002's Game Design Contest, Mad Scientist comes in second! Woo Hoo!!

Review: GameWyrd
Phantasy Realm garnered at 9 out of 10!! Check it out.

Our favorite line from the review is "We continue to play weekly - yep, itís addicting." Take a look.