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Wilcox War
The Role-Playing Game (tm)

SUMMARY: Wilcox War

Wilcox War is a variant of the classic game of War, adding strategy and bluffing, making a fun game for everyone in the family!

Component List:
  • 1 Rule book
  • [You supply the 1 or
    2 decks of cards]
Price and Shipping:
Wilcox War - Free for download (855kb)

SUMMARY: War! Solo Adventure for Phantasy Realm

War! continues the storyline started in Phantasy Realm and continued in Spells & Spellcasters. The war with the Tekil Empire from the North begins and you must do all you can to defend Euram from the invaders.

Added to the game are War! chits - Foes that move and attack on their own...  and they are all after you! Game time runs between 30 minutes and 45 minutes.

[Note: this item is not yet available for free download.]

Image Coming Soon.
Game Overview: Component List:
  • 1 Rule book
  • 16 War! chits
  • 1 Adventure
  • 1 Turn Indicator
  • 2 Turn Markers
Price and Shipping:
War! Solo Adventure - Free for download
US/International Free
NOTE: A full-color, full-production version will be given out as a prize at conventions and retail tournaments.
No need to pay via PayPal No need to pay via money order

SUMMARY: The Role-Playing Game™ (TRPGtm)

TRPGtm is an amazingly innovative RPG, utilizing almost-patented, "percentile-generation" systems for real adventure-like adventures - all without needing a GM! The system functions beautifully for beginning and experienced character. TRPGtm, the basic system, is our fantasy genre product. Look for other genres soon:

  • The Role-Playing Game™, Horror (TRPGtmH)
  • The Role-Playing Game™, Science Fiction (TRPGtmSF)
  • The Role-Playing Game™, SuperHero (TRPGtmSH)
  • The ADVANCED Role-Playing Game™ (TARPGtm)

We have decided to give away the core The Role-Playing Game™ book for FREE! AND we are giving away 2 adventures as well.

The Role-Playing Game™
Rule Book

  • The Rule Book, Front (400kb)
  • Back (595kb)
  • Character Sheet/Assessories page (115kb)

Adventure #002:
Temple of Elemental Weevils

  • Adv. #002 Front (430kb)
  • Adv. #002 Back (375kb)
Adventure #027:
Rescue Princess Fionna de la Croix From the Clutches of the Evil Wizard Pietro Grimaldi

  • Adv. #027 Front (574kb)
  • Adv. #027 Back (233kb)

SUMMARY: Role-Playing-Style Character Sheets for Phantasy Realm Characters

Each character comes in a reusable, rpg-style character sheet. As new characters are born, they will be put here as well.

These sheets can be used instead of the characters sheets that come with the game to save wear and tear on them.

Phantasy Realm
Diana Moreau Excel (68k), .pdf (267k)
Elizabeth Forbes Excel (68k), .pdf (267k)
Rudger Falton Excel (68k), .pdf (267k)
Thurston Slyfinger Excel (68k), .pdf (267k)
Spells & Spell Casters
Filbert the Merlin Excel (68k), .pdf not available
Ariodne Gnum Excel (68k), .pdf not available

For those who are Excel deprived, try using ExcelView - which allows you to view and print Excel docs. You can get ExcelView here.

SUMMARY: Fan-Submitted Characters for Phantasy Realm

These characters were submitted to us by fans. If you have a great idea for a character, see the submission directions below.
We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Fitzgerald Eagle Eyes, Assassin Excel
This guy has a beefy "assassin" talent. It will be UGLY when playing one of the "last-man-standing" adventures (coming later). Oh boy, and during the team adventures... my mind boggles. Submitter: Max Weber

Shane Westin, Bowslinger from the Old West Desert Excel
A nice addition to the game. Starts with nothing but the courage in his heart and the horse he rides on... and doing 2 points of damage with Bows will come in very handy when The Hive expansion arrives! Submitter: Toad

Oranja Mandal, Grumpy (yet quick) Wizard Excel
For use with the Spells & Spell Casters expansion. Quick on his feet, and fast when traveling... and he starts with a Magic Object! Submitter: Jordan Thomas

James Thomas, Lumbering Brute Excel
James is big guy. Go boom to bad things, and they fall down. Me happy. (And you want to keep me happy!) Submitter: Taylor Thomas

Argus Forbes, Fighting Priest (and Brother to Elizabeth Forbes) Excel
A solid character that starts with out cursed. And thus is an underdog we all hope will succeed. (Plus he's a nice guy.) Submitter: Jordan Thomas

Salmor Drape, Warrior Excel
This good fighter gets a "little" envigorated after losing a combat. Submitter: Wyatt Moore

Valarrow, Backwoods Archer Excel
An archer, and only an archer. This poorly educated individual can shoot "them durn wings offin a fly". Really. Just ask him and he will show you. Submitter: Wyatt Moore

Do you have a character idea you think others would enjoy? Send me the information and I will post it here for all to see and the glory will be yours!

As with always, there are some rules:
  1. To be posted, your character must have all of the following - Name, Statistics, Talents, brief description, and a starting space. A nifty symbol would be cool as well but not required.
  2. I will edit only for grammar, and will email you for clarifications on talents.
  3. All glory shall be yours - please include your name (as you wish it to be presented on the Web site) so people know whose great character concept it was.
  4. Submission of a character indicates your agreement that Curious Games can use the submission as they see fit. To publish, not publish, use in an authentic expansion or not.
  5. Most characters, if the talents are clear enough, will be posted. I will not hold characters back if they are unbalanced or too strange, so feel free to go bananas. Later, I will attempt to create a rating system for the characters so you can rate the characters yourself, and we can all see which works best.

SUMMARY: Phantasy Realm Marketplaces Quick-Reference Sheet

We realize there are a few key Places characters wander to most every game; to buy and sell, heal, donate to the gods, etc. And the basic game comes with one booklet listing the various towns' and villages' prices for goods and services, so here is a nice, single-page reference guide to those frequently visited areas. Print out four and everyone gets one.

Marketplaces Quick Reference Guide .pdf (118kb)