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At this stage we only have a very rudimentary mailing list. Those who join the mailing list get emails every once in a while, usually for announcements of a new product, general Curious Games news, and promotions information.

Since Rainsford is a rabid privacy advocate, please be assured your name and email address will never be sold or traded to any other company for any reason. In fact, if Curious Games is ever sold, the names on this mailing list will NOT be part of the assets passed to the new company.

Okay, enough about the whole privacy thing.

To get added to the emailing list:

  • You decide if you want sporadic emails from Curious Games.
  • Fill in the form below and click the "Sumbit" button.
  • Um, wait for the next email from Curious Games. They tend to arrive one to three times a years or less. But not on some convenient schedule.

For those looking to ask us a question or send us a comment:

  • Select the most appropriate item in the menu.
  • Fill in the form.
  • Wait with impatience until the response comes. (Weare reasonably fast... usually)