A Brief Update (The 2021 Edition)

Hello! It has been a while. Here is the overview of the state of Curious Games:

Let's start with my own projects:

  1. Phantasy Realm: I have started thinking about how to refresh this game for the modern boardgame market. Some mechanics definitely haven't aged well. But then again, many parts still work great.
  2. Zeppeldrome: Anthony and I knocked around re-Kickstartering this game, but life keeps getting in our way. We continue to get the artwork done and I hope to get the final board sometime this year.
  3. Hashi (was "From Here to There"): I made a solid leap in the design - added some additional elements that brings it solidly into a final format. I am currently refreshing all the imagery and updating the rules. I don't have a clear publishing avenue yet, but this is my favorite design of mine. [I playtested it with the public at the 2019 KublaCon, and people were excited enough to ask to continue playing additional games over and over. Definitely a satisfying reaction!]
  4. Bluffing Battles: I keep finding little holes in the rules. Not in the actual game play, but it how I wrote the rules. It is on the list to get a rewrite of the rules. sigh.
  5. Other games: I continue to poke at a few games including: a board game RPG, rewriting Mad Scientists, a new version of my zero-G game (talking to a rocket scienctist helped with some mechanics vs physics in zero-G), and a full RPG.

Other things I am helping with:

  1. Crab Fragment Labs: I darken (ex-Cheapass Games) James Ernest's doorway regularly and playtest, and give feedback on, his latest creations. Both After the Fog and the updated Gloria Mundi have been main focuses. Check out his new site.
  2. ZoxSo: David Weinstock finally waved the flag on being a boardgame publisher. (But he is making amazing fidget items.) I got all his inventory of his wonderful game ZoxSo. I want to begin making videos about how to play this amazing game and try to get the game into folks' hands.
  3. Unnamed Game: A friend has had his game published a number of times. We have collaborated to rewrite the rules in a cleaner, more modern, format - all with an eye at Kickstartering it. Covid put a crimp in the plans, but we are eyeing doing something in 2021.