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yr13.mn06.day15From Here to There wins first place!

My LEGO building game, From here to There, came in first place in teh KublaCon Game Design Contest. Yeah! Four second place finishes, and this year I finally win it.


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Bluffing Battles available for free download

We completed this fun little diversion and want to share it with the world. So here it is, Bluffing Battles, free to you from our Free Stuff page. We hope you enjoy it.

Rainsford's newest endeavor

Mindspan Labs is going to Dragonflight - David Weinstock and I have formed Mindspan Labs and we are releasing David's board game ZoxSo at Dragonflight this weekend. (Thank you Game Matrix for carrying our products!)

ZoxSo is a traditional-style, abstract strategy game of aggressive placement and clash of forces for two players. What can I say, I like the game. Look for a link here on where to purchase it once we solidify our retailer list and our online shop.

Article in Fight On! magazine
Fight On! magazine is a magazine for those who love the feel of old school role-playing; like OD&D, Arduin Grimore, etc. In issue #3, you will find many awesome articles - and tucked at the end of the issue is an article I wrote called "Running a Great Con Game" - all about how to structure the game and how to handle the gamers during the session. You can pick up that issue, as well as any of the five published to date HERE. Get your copy today and ... FIGHT ON!

Fight On!'s Web site is HERE. And here is their POD storefront.

Zeppeldrome completed and sold!
"Zeppeldrome", a zeppelin racing game create by me and Anthony Gallela, just got picked up by Bucephalus Games. Yeah! Not certain the production schedule, but there may be some plan to get it out by the holidays. They are looking at Mad Scientists as well. Woot! (The revised cards for Mad Scientists at the right.) Hopefully soon you can build your own experiments with nothing but a suspiciously wrapped package, a beaker of caustic fluid, and a bag of assorted legumes!

The first TRPGtm shirt is now available!  Insulting the Troll King's Daughter, TRPGtm Adventure #011 is now safely immortalized in t-shirt form.
This great shirt sports Phil Foglio's wonderful artwork on the front and the complete adventure on the back.
You can purchase
this adventure in this
innovative shirt format
at the Curious Shoppe


Mad Scientists Revisited
Feedback has been received from two different publishers and this game went into hibernation. (It was kindly refused.) But now it is back and being revised. A wonderful group of play-testers in the Seattle area ran through the game in its original form and their feedback was brilliant.  We are madly working on a newer version to tempt other game publishers with as we speak.

Curious Shoppe
Out of hybernation with a new mug at Cafe Press. The frustation of art directing for the solo adventure (and another very small expansion) forced me to turn my attention to more important matters - mugs... and stuff. The first item is the Curious Games logo in green on a basic mug, but look for shirts with The Role-Playing Games (tm) adventures on them soon!
They make great gifts!
Go ahead - buy one.
Buy a half dozen.

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