Zeppeldrome, is a serious steampunk race through silly obstacles with a hazardous, modular board and cards that are used to help you or mess with opponents as you all race to be the first to travel the length of the airship raceway.

Anthony Gallela and I created this game and attempted to kickstarter it under the name 12SP Entertainment. We are currently continuing to get the artwork finished. It is unclear when and how we will get this game published in future.

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Zeppeldrome: Face-Off

A stand-alone, two-player game based on Zeppeldrome. "A serious race through silly obstacles." When we began creating the print-and-play for the main game, I thought it would be cool to have a smaller, 2-player version so the mechanics could be shown in stares and at conventions. Once I began creating this, I realized this needed to be its own game, with its own cards (variations from themain game) and what not. The shorter race and being only two players required huge modifications. In the end, I think we created a solid 2-player version.

This was a .pdf offerring for the backers of the Kickstarter for print-and-play. A fully-printed version is also planned and will be a give-away at conventions, used for promotions, for supporting in-store events, and the like.

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