Phantasy Realm

A fantasy-adventure RPG-style board game for 2-4 players. Comes with multiple characters and four repeatable adventures - each playing in about 1.5 hours. listing: page

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Spells & Spell Casters expansion

This expansion adds spells, magical mounts, and walls to the game, along with two additional character and two new adventures. listing: page

(free) Phantasy Realm Marketplaces quick-reference sheet

There are a few key places characters wander to most every game; to buy and sell, heal, donate to the gods, etc. So here is a nice, single-page reference guide to those frequently visited areas.

        Printable Markerplace Reference Sheet

(free) RPG-style sheets for official characters

Don't want the wear and tear on the character trackers that come in the game? Download these rpg-style character sheets to play with instead:

Phantasy Realm characters

Spells & Spell Casters expansion characters

(free) RPG-style sheets for fan-submitted characters

We have received a fair number of fan-created characters. Thank you! We have edited for clarity and grammar/spelling. We haven't playtested them for balance. Also, we think they are awesome!!

Fitzgerald Eagle Eyes, Assassin [excel]
This guy has a beefy "assassin" talent. It will be UGLY when playing one of the "last-man-standing" adventures (coming later). Oh boy, and during the team adventures... my mind boggles. [Submitter: Max Weber]

Shane Westin, Bowslinger from the Old West Desert [excel]
A nice addition to the game. Starts with nothing but the courage in his heart and the horse he rides on... and doing 2 points of damage with Bows will come in very handy when The Hive expansion arrives! [Submitter: Toad]

Oranja Mandal, Grumpy (yet quick) Wizard [excel]
For use with the Spells & Spell Casters expansion. Quick on his feet, and fast when traveling... and he starts with a Magic Object! [Submitter: Jordan Thomas]

James Thomas, Lumbering Brute [excel]
James is big guy. Go boom to bad things, and they fall down. Me happy. (And you want to keep me happy!) [Submitter: Taylor Thomas]

Argus Forbes, Fighting Priest (and Brother to Elizabeth Forbes) [excel]
A solid character that starts with out cursed. And thus is the underdog we all hope will succeed. (Plus he's a nice guy.) [Submitter: Jordan Thomas]

Salmor Drape, Warrior [excel]
This good fighter gets a "little" envigorated after losing a combat. [Submitter: Wyatt Moore]

Valarrow, Backwoods Archer [excel]
An archer, and only an archer. This poorly educated individual can shoot "them durn wings offin' a fly". Really. Just ask him and he will show you. [Submitter: Wyatt Moore]

Phantasy Realm came in 2nd in the 2003 KublaCon Game Design Contest.

Phantasy Realm came in 3rd at the very first KublaCon Game Design Contest. But I forget the year. 2000?

A pair of games tied for first, then Phantasy Realm came in third. One of the first place games was published the next year as Phoenix and the other game was a day-trader game designed by the designer that went on to make Russian Rails.